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FEBRUARY 19, 2014

ZERO's Expectations

Yo! My name is ZERO and I’m a Hip Hop artist from Sydney

I’ve been rapping since I was in primary school, hitting the stage when I was just 11 years old. Now a decade later, I’ve released my first album and I’m currently working on my second. I’ve been blessed to have performed right across Sydney and even New York, the home of Hip Hop!

Needing some visual work done with a quick turnaround, I called up a few places and they all said they couldn’t deliver in the time specified, except Green Key Studio! I was impressed and so I’ve used them more than once. The team is a great bunch to work with – filled with experience, and more importantly:

“Their ability to deliver quality - all at fair and affordable prices.”

As a busy artist, I need a lot of things done quickly and at short notice. Green Key Studio was able to deliver quality promo shots and even a video on the tight deadlines I set them. For me, I pride myself on what I deliver to my fans, always aiming for the ‘next level’ in my artistry, and GKS definitely helped me get there!

Usually if I have a bad experience with a business I don’t complain, I just cop it on the chin and never use them again. If my experience is half decent, I see what else is out there and leave them as a last resort. If I’m impressed, I’ll use them repeatedly.

I'm A ZERO Album Cover

ZERO's first album, launched in 2013

With Green Key Studio, I don’t have to think twice and I look forward to teaming up again in the future.

2014 Valentine's Day special: ZERO - If I Had You

ZERO is a Sydney based Christian Hip Hop artist.

For more on ZERO visit his Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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