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JANUARY 22, 2015

Reach The Stars

With Composer/Producer, John Loughman

Hi, my name is John Loughman. I am a music composer/producer with 30 years of experience.

In November, 2014 I commissioned Green Key Studio to film and record a live version of my song "Stars That Fly" to celebrate my life's work.

To successfully record a grand piano and vocalist is an extremely difficult audio challenge, yet sound engineer Rob Campton captured the live performance to the highest standard. His patience, determination and delightful manner made the recording of the piece a relaxing and inspiring experience for myself, vocalist Melissa K. Lark and pianist Rodric White.

Mark Paisley produced the film with director Jared Rogers and cinematographer Glen Rose. The whole team worked tirelessly, with great enthusiasm during the ten hours production. I have got no complaints. The skills and experience of the Green Key team is second to none. There was a lot of work during post production yet the very reasonable quote remained unchanged. The end result is something to treasure.

Within a week of the public YouTube release, ABC regional radio viewed the recording and requested an interview to find out a little more about the project. The film was met with tremendous praise and is testament to the brilliant work supplied by the delightful Green Key team. Their work ethic and great skills comes with my highest recommendation.

John Loughman working on Stars That Fly

John Loughman composing "Stars That Fly"

John Loughman's "Stars That Fly"

Featuring Melissa K. Lark and Rodric White

John Loughman is a writer, composer and lyrist. He started his music career in 1989.
To hear John's collection of music visit iTunes, Google Play and other music distributors.
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