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The tour gets you familiar with our studio and the creative equipment included with our hire. Our 4K video camera is also available for hire.

Latest Studio Hires

See how others have utilised our space.

Studio Hire Testimonials

Greg Page (the original Yellow Wiggle), Mike Foxall, Tim Robinson and Jason Hardy have just finished their studio hires. Here is what they had to say about their session at Green Key Studio.

League of Legends - Autumn Regional

Riot Games Oceania and T5 Photography made excellent use of our rotunda on the green screen to introduce each of the major players at the League of Legends: 2014 Autumn Regional.

Starflight - Phasers on Stun

Directed by Daniel James Cox, Starflight's Phasers on Stun is a fun retro nod to seventies pop videos. Filmed entirely in our studio, they were able to pull off some amazing VFXs.

Our Studio Floor

Our fully equipped studio, boasts a 7 metre wide cyclorama with many features to kick-start your creativity. For those who like shooting on white, we have a large 5 metre wide white backdrop.

With the garage door opening to 238cm you can drive almost any vehicle straight onto our reinforced stage from the parking lot. It is also great for bringing in any large props and extra equipment.

We include all our creative tools with studio hire, so you'll never be thinking "I sure wish I had a rotunda, smoke machine, robotic light, chroma props or bubble machine right now", because you'll have them all, including all our lights, at no extra cost.

Even if you weren't considering these options before, our team members are happy to jump on-board with the creative process and suggest ideas and shots with you.


Using Chroma Green

Chroma keying is the act of using a particular colour to extract a matte or mask. The chroma green colour is used to get the most out of digital sensors and compression as they are more sensitive to green, where film was more sensitive to blue hence blue screen. Thankfully green is a very uncommon colour in clothing.

If you do find yourself turning green at the thought of using green then we can easily pop in a white, black or blue background options. It's like working with a giant chameleon, except easier.

Note that when using green your props and costumes should not have any green in them, this includes yellow and aqua which contains elements of green and can turn semi-transparent and colour shifts as the green is removed. Also it is recommended to minimise the use of transparent or reflective objects which may require extensive rotoscoping to produce quality results.

RAW photography cameras will work well against green but for video we highly recommend hiring our Blackmagic Production Camera 4K kit, RED SCARLET kit or a 4:2:2/4:4:4/RAW video camera when filming against a chromatic surface.

It will save you time and money when it comes to post production.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Kit

Perfect for green screen or gorgeously lit scenes, this camera is capable of recording up to 4K in resolution.

Our camera kit includes: the 4K camera, a 480GB Sandisk Extreme II SSD (records Prores for approx 6 hours at 1080p or 1.5 hours at 4K) and power supply.

Lenses available on request: Sigma f1.4 30mm, Sigma f2.8 OS 17-50mm and Tamron f2.8 VC 70-200mm. Also available is the Atomos Shogun monitor and SpyderCHECKR colour chart.

A USB 3.0 dock is available if required to transfer footage off the SSD and onto your hard-drive.

Equipment Walkthroughs

More coming soon.

Blackmagic 4K Production Camera

Get familiar with the Blackmagic camera as we take you through the controls and menus. Get tips on the recommended settings for shooting on a green screen and in a studio environment.

Our Prices

All of our creative equipment, lighting and stands are included with studio hire. For a complete equipment list download our brochure.

  • Half Day - $460
    up to 5 hours
    Daily - $660
    up to 9 hours
  • Hourly - $150
    minimum 3 hours
    Weekly - $2200
    up to 7 days!
  • Production Crew Member

    Hourly - $65
    minimum 3 hours
    Daily - $450
    up to 9 hours
  • Editor or VFX Wizard

    Hourly - $88
    minimum 3 hours
    Daily - $480
    up to 8 hours
  • Blackmagic 4K Camera Kit - $220
  • Chroma Green Tape - $35
  • Fresh Chroma Paint - $200
    *added to bill if floor marks unremovable

These prices include GST

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