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Our Humble Beginnings & Wonderful Crew

Green Key Studio

An innovative and imaginative company, Green Key Studio was launched in 2012 to fulfil the need for video and studio hire in Western Sydney, while also offering local businesses, bands and individuals a chance to put themselves in the spotlight. Mark Paisley, with his family and friends, built the studio throughout 2011, with improvements continuing to this day. Since then, Green Key Studio has pushed fresh new ideas to the world while working closely with their clients to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our Team

Mark Paisley

Producer / Studio Manager

Mark has decades of experience working in the creative and corporate worlds. After graduating AFTRS with High Distinction in 1991, Mark started the successful Woolly Mammoth recording studio. After years of recording, he branched into tour management for Australian music artists locally and overseas. Since his return, Mark worked in the audiovisual industry, first as the National Client Services Manager for Australia’s largest A/V company, then as manager of his own company, AV2U. In 2012, Mark returned to the creative industry and launched Green Key Studio, with the goal of providing an honest, creative and innovative approach to media creation that truly serves clients’ needs.

Glen Rose

Multimedia Generalist / Technical Advisor

Glen has worked for Green Key Studio since the studio launched in 2012. He helped lift the company off the ground with his extensive technical knowledge with computers and video skills. Glen is heavily involved in all areas of video production, from filming, lighting, editing, visual effects, design and photography, you can be sure Glen will be working with you.


Kym Checa

Graphic Designer

Kym graduated from JMC in 2013 and added her brush to our pallet in 2014. Since then she has helped designed our logo, animated video elements for both creative and corporate projects while storyboarding and sketching concepts to show off our imaginative ideas. Look out for Kym's friendly smile at your next meeting.

Jared Rogers

Creative Director

Jared studied at JMC in 2012 and became our resident thinking cap in 2014. He has come up with the main creative ideas for several videos and went on to direct them. Jared is able to pull out all sides of a talent's personality, while keeping it inline with the budget and the overall concept. Look out for our friendly giant on your next visit.

Boris Fomin

3D Generalist

Graduating from JMC Academy in 2011, Boris was called in to Green Key Studio to create 3D magic. He loves creating character models, but he also has a talent for rendering photorealistic environments and products. If there is a 3D component in our design and video work, you can be sure Boris has been there to sculpt in every last detail.

Gemma Boyle

Editor / Producer

Gemma is passionate about editing. She has a diverse range of credits under her belt including major reality TV shows MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules; to short films, music videos, documentaries and community TV series. As a freelance editor with Green Key Studio, Gemma’s editing talent, musical background and organisational skills are invaluable.

Our Valued Clients

From working with top enterprises, such as Qantas and Sydney Roosters, to local businesses, like Blue Tongue Sports and Oz Pet, to bands and individuals you know you are in good hands with Green Key Studio.

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